A clean-tasting, pale golden beer with hints of citrus. Medium hopping to allow the flavour of the malt to come through.

Available as: Cask-Conditioned Ale 4.0% ABV or Bottled 4.8% ABV.


Traditional IPA

The distinctive, traditional British bittering hops combine with the nutty flavour of the malt to produce this copper-coloured classic British Ale.

Available as: Cask-Conditioned Ale 4.0% ABV.



All the smooth, malty, chocolate flavour of traditional Scottish dark ale, but brewed to give a drier finish. The hops give a hint of orange. Lightly hopped for balance.

Available as: Bottled 4.8% ABV.




A high-quality, pure malt beer brewed using a slow, cool fermentation producing a smooth, full flavour; with citrous hops, to give a refreshing taste.

Available as: 50 litre (11 gallon) Keg 4.8% ABV.